About Smartdrive & Systems Limited
Smartdrive was setup and incorporated in Nigeria on 26th January, 2015 by a team of dedicated IT experts who voluntarily left the services of Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (Multinational Oil & Gas in Nigeria) with not less than 20 years of experience to redefine IT Software Business Landscape in Nigeria, Africa as well as a global foot print.

Since inception till date, we have put together a complete IT Business Solutions Platform with collaboration with our colleagues in UK & India with the aim of enhancing better business performance and create real value for business entrepreneurs in Nigeria and around the world.

Today, Smartdrive is one of the leading Software Development and Internet Marketing Consulting Company in Nigeria. Since 2015, we have been looking at creative and innovative ways of delivering Internet base Services to consumers in Nigeria in a manner that will eliminate fraud and ultimately protects Service Consumers from being defrauded from Business Transactions. We have deployed a number of fraud free business solutions into the global market as well as local market.

We realized that in today‚Äôs world, Internet has consolidated itself as a very powerful platform that has changed forever the way we do business, and the way we communicate. Internet has become the Universal source of information for millions of people, at home, at school, and at work. Internet is changing all the time. Two things, in our opinion, have marked its evolution recently: the social web and mobile technology. These two innovations have changed the way people use the Internet.  At smartdrive we facilitate the growth of small businesses by using the Social Media Platform to show case their goods and services thereby increasing their customer base. We build and deploy strong Marketing Campaigns on Internet to grow customers for our clients.

We are committed to using the experienced and expertise gained over the years to improve your business performance to deliver value to your shareholders. We are also committed to training young Nigerians to build capacity in IT/IM Support, Subsurface Data Management, Upstream Gas, Commercial and Petroleum Engineering Application Development & Support for Oil & Gas Business in Nigeria.

Data Management
Data Creation and Data Management has been a big issue in the industry. To address this seemingly challenging monster, we have put together a number of Business Solution Applications which first of all addresses how data is created and how they will be managed within an organization with strong emphasis on privileges and security of data itself due to business sensitivity of each data set.

Managing Consultant
The Managing Consultant left Shell with 20 years of experience spanning IT/IM software Development, Petroleum Engineering (PE) Subsurface Data Management, Application Development to Support PE Business as well as Support for Shell Global PE Applications. He won several Awards including Performance Award for Excellence Issued by Royal Dutch Shell in Holland in 2011.




He spent the last three years before leaving Shell in Commercial Upstream Gas business looking at Gas Commercial Deals, Commercial Maturation of Gas Projects as well as building Gas Modeling Tool for Shell Nigeria. He is a member of Society of Petroleum Engineers, Nigeria Computer Society and Gas Association of Nigeria. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science & Statistic from University of Uyo Nigeria and a Masters in Information Systems  & Technology from University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. He is a Mobil Scholar, Google and YouTube  content writer. He is passonate about helping merchants overcome electronic fraud in Nigeria and has been on National Television and Radio Stations in Nigeria to talk about dangers and solutions. Just type his full name in Google to see all his works.

Logistics and Re-Distribution of Goods & Services
We have used IT technology to leverage on re-distribution of goods and services in Nigeria. To this end, we are in contract with Nigerian Breweries PLC and International Breweries PLC for re-distribution of their products in Lagos Nigeria. We are in the process of signing about three new contracts with more product manufacturers in Nigeria before end of 2019.

ICT and Data Network
We have contract and business relationship with Smile Communications limited, Spectranet Nigeria Limited, Cyberspace, VDT communications for sale of data and distribution of Mifi Moderms and Routers in Nigeria. Besides online sale, we have a dedicated ICT center at 36 Agungi Road, Lekki, Lagos. The center license and approved by NCC (Nigeria Communication Commission)

Contributions to Electronic Payment Systems in Nigeria
We identified electronic fraud mechanism in POS payment system in Nigeria in 2017. We did a video to sensitize merchants about using POS Payment System for daily business transactions in Nigeria and by 2019, we  developed and lunch a complete software solution called POS analyzer to help merchants address POS transaction fraud. Please google "POS fraud in Nigeria" to see all our publications and contributions.

Software Development & Consultancy
Smartdrive has developed a number of cloud based Software currently being used in National and International market spaning from Oil and Gas, Commercial, Accounting and Business solutions. We are currently providing consultancy services to a number of companies as well as collaboration with other software teams in USA and Europe